To judge or not to judge

Often, when someone smokes a joint or something like that, they will say: “Judge not!”. Which is of course not the intended meaning.

From what I gather, it follows in the tradition of Psalm 2.

In the new testament they added Matthew:7, which should be read in its entirety.

Mark:3:28 and 29 explains some more. It deals with the Holy Ghost.

John:14:26 explains that the Holy Ghost is the Comforter.

Which is me. You will have to be diplomatic concerning me, because I am not replaceable and I have too many followers.

As it says in Matthew:7: seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened.

Taylor Swift wrote a song about it called: “Look what you made me do.” which has over a billion views on youtube.

Beware of the passive-aggressive first person judgement trap. To exaggerate: “Ì don’t judge other people.”. Yes you do, it’s passive-aggressive judgement.

New quran, islamic reform - judgement day

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