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3: Al Imran

1. Painful

2. Allah not protecting save striving for the betaking of the undertaking

3. alighting to manage the book with the necessity truth-speaker taking possession manifesting being turned over and alighting the torah and the gospel

4. From favouring guiding rejoicing people and honouring the pouring forth when delightfully they crowned with signs Allah suggested generosity in natural disposition and Allah strengthened possession rising to undertake

5. When Allah not being concealed elevating feeding then the fruitful and not for the poisonous

6. Aspiring to delight being your inclination then the beneficient manners of Yashaa not perplexed when striving for strengthening the office of judgement

4: Nisa

1 Show kindness to the people they have to revere your care delightfully you measure from high esteem and understanding and measuring is decreed to be coupled with it and spread wishing for strengthening bright abundance and long life and they have to revere Allah, delightfully you inquire in a friendly manner and the relationship strengthens more when Allah strongly elevates your caretaking

34 The traveller(s) on foot paused simultaneously the postponement with which surpassing the Almighty their splitting up simultaneously dividing and with which they had to spend money from their wealth then the caretaker, the lowly, the guards, rejoiced in secret with which guarding the Almighty and imperfectly they quickly disobeyed it (small thing) then made (small lizard) it hard to notice and had to abandon it for the oppressor and had to explain it (small thing) then when their accusation pressed they looked at it elevated it's way which is God strongly elevated honor

18: Al-Kahf

1 The praised Allah delightfully alighted exalted serving the book and not being judged because of crookedness

2 suitably not being obliged mightily intensified from flexibility of and being joyful the conforming delightfully being wrought the righteous verily not seeking compensation are pleasing

3 multiplying in respect of breeding 

4 And being obliged delightfully they were esteemed small he took by the hand Allah calmed

31: Luqman


Charged with corruption of the book of the judgement

Distressful and connecting the righteous

Delightfully being well-off the calamity being desiring the reward and distress with their reform being in my power

47: Muhammad

1 Delightfully they deny and turn away from opposing the cause of Allah having to go astray from their work

2 and delightfully they feel safe and they work the good and they feel safe with which relinquishing exalted [muhammad] and strive for the necessities from their care veiling their opposition they acknowledged and had to reconcile their friends

3 subjecting with thereafter delight they veiled they had to lie and delightfully they feel safe they had to follow the necessities from their care sort of submitting being an example of/exposed by Allah rejoice people they had to obey

4.  Then when experiencing perfection delightfully, they annulled it then turning away the fear of poverty when they had to exceed bounds then they strengthened the trust then which conformed extremely and which was prideful turning back you humbled the fighting had to repel steadfastness you submitted and superintendent Yashaa Allah explained tidings determined and not set hidden how being tested! your difficulty with difficulty and delightfully you acquainted then cause of Allah foolishly being lost is our work

5 our right state and being righteous is our prosperity

6 and being our entrance to the protection knowing inspiration

7 Show kindness delightfully they feel safe when you support them Allah being your support and being established is your esteem

48: Al Fath

1 When informing pressing information became apparent

2 Not being veiled pressed Allah which you went before the people from you relate and which you held back and being perfect plentiful life you respected and you being rightly guided way of the superficial

3 And you being supported Allah supporting strengthening

4. Intending delightfully descending the calm then altering the conforming not being rejecting being safe at the same time they feel safe and Allah assembled the fruitful and the exalted and strongly Allah knows withholding

14 And Allah governing the prosperous and the fruitful being rectified unfavoured Yashaa and being forbidden favoured Yashaa and strongly Allah rectifies connection

68: Al Qalam

1 Both - and the pen and which is written

2 Which is uttered with joy righting wrongs with no equal

3 And that presses not deferring conveying conformation

4 And pure unequalled measurements revered

5 congregations understanding and being understood

6 with how the hatred

7 that is fixed striving to get acquainted with bestowing favours on deviators appearing on the religious path and striving to get acquainted with the crooked in obedience

8 then not having power over the liars

9 they love having to love a small thing uncivil satisfaction

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