My psychiatrists all think I’m doing great

Although I’ve had some problems with psychiatry, my islamic reforms are judged with a lot of enthusiasm by psychiatrists.

My first psychiatrist asked me once: “You’ve said you’re Jesus, haven’t you?”.

I replied: “That’s what friends tell me in the pub.”.

“That is a delusion, do you understand?”. I did not reply.

On another occasion he said: “Kafirs are muslim women, because they cover their hair.”.

“I was planning to decipher the quran but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”.

“If you do that, I’ll call you ‘sir’.”.

“Why not now?” Seeing as I had already done some interesting things.

“You have to earn it.”.

My second psychiatrist was a dumbass. I don’t know how he managed to get qualified as a psychiatrist, but he was dim-witted.

Around 2011 my case manager informed me that the ‘Jesus’ stuff wasn’t considered a problem anymore by the psychiatrists.

Third psychiatrist:

I sent him an e-mail with a link to an article I had written for called: “The Holy city of Karachi.”.

He said it was: “Entirely rational.”. I said  I had moved the hajj to Istanbul, because if I would ever travel somewhere (I won’t) it would be Istanbul. My psychiatrist wholeheartedly agreed.

I went to a smaller organisation for a bit and the psychiatrist there said she understood I wanted to make a more “peaceful world” with a “friendlier quran translation” but she was worried about my stress levels.

I told my fourth psychiatrist: “If I am to reform islam, people will have to fear me.”. He replied: “Of course, otherwise they won’t do what you say.”.

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